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I want to prepare one for the puppy food ingredients advice you’re about to get. What I’m going to tell you is going to gross you out. It is going to make you not wish to buy any more commercial pet food, or not buy 99% of all the pet food brands on the market. You will be shocked and disgusted. You’re going to get mad that it can actually happen. You are going to wonder why the government isn’t protecting you and your puppy. You will want to take immediate action to protect your dog. It is disturbing info and yes, before you ask, these details are 100% true.

Dead Dogs Are Included In Dog Food Ingredients

When dogs do not get adopted at dog shelters, they often get euthanized. It’s extremely expensive to infect these euthanized dogs so they often get picked up by producing companies and used to make pet food and other animal feed. They get “rendered” by throwing them into enormous vats along with other components at very significant temperatures and then chopped up and melted into one massive conglomerate rendered soup. The term “recycled” is an industry term. If you feed your dog commercial dog food, you might just be feeding pet to your dog, although “dog” or “puppy” will not be listed specifically in the components. At one stage, the city of Los Angeles alone has been sending 400,000 pounds of euthanized dogs and cats to producing factories. The $2.4 billion dollar per year rendering business does not mention these figures anyplace on their websites that tout “recycling” and the multi-billion dollar pet food sector (more than $13 billion per year in the USA alone) retains this a hush hush secret.

When treasured family pets become terminally ill and the family makes the decision to euthanize them or when pet puppies die on the operating table, the bereft family leaves the dead dog with all the vet. However, the majority of these dogs don’t get buried or admired in any special way. That is right… beloved family pets get turned into dog food. Never leave your pet dog in the vet’s office regardless of what.

Believe it or not, it becomes even worse. The barbiturate that is used to euthanize dogs (and other creatures included in pet food like zoo animals), sodium pentobarbital, does not fully break down from the manufacturing process. In other words, high fever doesn’t break down sodium pentobarbital. Thus, when you feed your dog, there’s a very large likelihood it is laced with a residue of the compound used to euthanize dogs!

If the dead dogs included in dog food had cancerous tumors or infectious diseases, it does not matter. They continue to be sent to the rendering factory. When the dead dogs had been medicated with strong antibiodics and other powerful medications, these are contained in the vat at the rendering plant. If the dog was wearing a chain around its neck, then had surgical hooks comprising heavy metals inserted, had a flea collar, it doesn’t matter. Nothing is eliminated. It is all only thrown in with the remainder, automatically chopped up, heated to very substantial temperatures, and become dog food and other goods like makeup. If the dog died of mad cow disease, the dog would still be picked up by the rendering plants since vets do not even call it mad cow disease. The FDA is in full denial on this subject.

Diseased and Dying Animals Are Intentionally Contained As Dog Food Ingredients

Farm animals so ill they can not stand up are often picked up for the rendering crops without even being tested to see what is making them sick. Often the creature will lay there until half rotten before it’s picked up and taken into the producing plant. If you feed your puppy commercial dog food, then you might just be feeding them diseased cattle, diseased horses, diseased giraffe, diseased hippopotamus, diseased lions, etc. There’s not any law against it that they do it as it is profitable to them to do so.

Road Kill Is Included In Dog Food Ingredients

Raccoons, skunks, snakes, rats, birds, possums, armadillos, you name it, even if it is killed by a vehicle on a highway, it’s probably found its way into dog food through the producing plants. However, they often don’t get to the creatures until they have been laying there for a few days or maybe weeks. The dead animals may have already be half eaten by maggots but off to the rendering plant they will go. The dead animals could be diseased but they are nevertheless taken to the producing plants. Not one of those animals are tested before they are turned into food for puppies and other products.

Rotten Grocery Store Meat Makes Contained In Dog Food

Can you think that they threw the rotten meat away at the grocery store? No, certainly not. After they mark it down, “reduced for quick sale,” if it rots beyond the stage they could sale it, they provide it to the rendering plants. But here is the real clencher… the rendering plants don’t take off the plastic wrap or Styrofoam containers before they throw it into the rendering vat. Taking away the packaging would take some time and so make it less profitable for them.

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