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Do you understand what you’re putting in your dog’s dish everyday?

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Most dogs will consume almost anything that’s placed in front of them and, like humans, they are what they consume.

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Many now suffer with what are preventable diseases. . .did you know that 46 percent of all dogs die of influenza, 40 percent are overweight and scores more suffer regular from allergies, ear infections, skin ailments, dental problems and other ailments…

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When you understand the awful reality about the toxic ingredients in certain commercial pet foods it will shock and sicken you and also, as soon as you know the reality of the health advantages in feeding a dog a homemade diet, then you are going to want to make an immediate change. If you stop feeding only commercial dog foods for your dog on a daily basis, slowly introduce new meats and veggies and then stop commercial dog foods altogether, you’re rescue him or her from needless suffering and save a mountain of vet bills, as well.

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Now, here are some of the realities about some commercial dog foods and a few of the benefits of feeding a dog a nutritious homemade diet…

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1. Truth: Are you aware that some commercial pet food is actually dog “junk” food? If burgers, fried chicken, french fries, etc., eaten as a steady diet, can cause serious health problems in humans, what exactly does dog “junk” food” do for puppies? Generally speaking, a puppy’s genetic makeup and nutritional requirements looks like that of people. If we are damaging our own health by eating “junk food”, what could be happening to our puppies once we feed them the equivalent, “crap” commercial dog food?

2. Truth: Do you know that the foods we people eat can also be a healthy selection for our dogs? Whatever else you might have heard, the same healthy, healthy foods we consume are a great selection for dogs. But, there are certain differences between dog and human nutritional requirements so you will need to understand what they are in case you want to feed your dog a healthy diet.

3. Truth: Do you understand that if your vet sells pet food it also might not be such a great option? Just like our own medical physicians, veterinarians aren’t educated a lot of about nutrition in school. Most of what they learn will be taught to them by the agents of the pet food firms such as, on staff firm vets, sales reps (do you think maybe they market their own products?) Or else through various studies, articles, and conventions. It’s not very probable your vet knows the distinction between good and bad food if they personally have not studied about it or attempted raw or homemade diets themselves.

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Some vets even profit from purchasing a certain brand of dog food and that may very well bias them against other manufacturers or alternative kinds of feeding a puppy, such as home cooked dog food.

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4. Truth: Are you aware some processed commercial pet foods can actually be hazardous to your pet’s health and can cause numerous medical problems?

All of it creates a recipe of their worst possible combination of ingredients we can ever feed to our puppies. And millions of us do so, kindly! Remember. . .the cheaper the meals. . .the more affordable the components. . .the worse the nourishment. . .the more detrimental, even fatal it an be! Ensure you know what is in the food, whenever you’re feeding a puppy! Read about commercial pet foods at depth in my future posts.

Please note: not “all of” commercial dog foods are made from poor quality ingredients and cheap byproducts. Dog food manufacturers and the components that they use differ considerably. My goal in these articles is to supply you with as much information possible, which means you can create your own “educated” decisions on what is or is not great food for your dog. . .so come back frequently.

5. Reality: Do you know it’s a mistake to believe kibble cleans teeth? This myth was circulated some time ago by a study that indicated kibble “may” be greater than canned pet food (not “is” better) for cleaning teeth. What should it be saying to people that almost every dog over age three that has dental disease eats kibble! Not difficult to figure that one out!

6. There are important differences: meals meeting only the “presumed” requirements for the wellbeing of a mean dog could be advertised as “Complete and Balanced”. When these foods are contained in feeding trials, they are frequently only tested for items like others and lead are tested only on a small number of dogs for a very short moment.

It’s certain that sufficient nutrients, necessary for our dog’s wellness, won’t be included in these products. It certainly is better than “not” complete and balanced at all, but merely “optimum” levels of balanced nutrition are what we should be trying to find. We’ll be providing you with specifics of what best balanced nourishment is in a subsequent article.

On occasion a fast glance at the label can tell you whether the dog food is made from quality ingredients or maybe not, others it requires more understanding about each one of the ingredients to have the ability to tell whether that food is better. Of course every manufacturer will state they are using only the very best ingredients. However, our constitutional right to freedom of speech does not require such statements to be truthful.

Make sure you know what’s in the food you’re feeding a puppy each and every day! We are going to write more on this later…

7. Reality: Do you know that if you are feeding a puppy exactly the same thing every day you’re restricting it’s access to good nutrition? Dog, like us, want a variety of food. Can you imagine eating soil corn husks, rancid fat and just chicken wing skin and bones (no Meat) with some affordable minerals and vitamins thrown in, each and every day for your whole life?

It is a fact that some dogs can have a first sensitivity when introduced into particular new foods. So, feeding a dog many different foods can lead to gut issues, but it’s only because they have been lacking balanced nutrition in their diet. The moment they are given a nicely balanced diet, their digestive system gets restored. They can then eat an assortment of foods at each meal without any problem, as we do.

Make sure that you introduce various foods in tiny amounts so that your dog’s stomach has time to adapt to the changes.

8. Truth: Do you know that dry dog food is not better than canned dog food? Consider it. . .the meals in a can is kept fresh by the very way of digesting it. Now think about the amount of preservatives dry dog foods need after they’re opened, so as to remain “new” forever in the first bag, or whatever container you use for storage, or when they get left out daily so that your dog can self-feed. Dry foods start out cooked and then are subjected to a high level of warmth, which destroys nutrients. . .canned foods are canned refreshing and therefore, retain more nutrients (even though they’re not entirely balanced).

. .next would be frozen or dehydrated and then freeze dried foods, all accessible at better pet shops.

9. Reality: Do you know that some of the ingredients used to create commercial pet food and certain common, everyday foods may be poisonous to dogs , even kill them! Cooked bones and rawhide chews can cause major internal problems that require operation. Wheat-based treats can cause allergies. Onions, grapes, raisins, chocolate, Xylitol (the artificial sweetener) and other foods could be hazardous and should never be given to dogs.

To learn more about what’s really in commercial pet food along with the other items that are toxic to dogs, return often and examine our future posts where we’ll give you detailed information.

10. Reality: Do you understand that corn could kill puppies? Most dry dog food is loaded with this cheap filler and it is not exactly the exact same corn we eat. . .it’s the inexpensive remnants that is fed to cows. . Furthermore, corn is very high in carbs and therefore, very fattening. .

So, you now know some of those horrible realities about commercial pet food. As soon as you decide to improve your pet’s diet and stop feeding that “junk” food, it’s possible to greatly enhance his or her health and longevity. . .plus, you will save yourself a good deal of money!

All it requires is a small bit of knowledge and the desire to provide your pet with the energy and long life it so richly deserves. We’ll do our best to supply the knowledge. . .you just must supply the desire.

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